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Hypnosis Services in Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia


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The two session program, you will learn new tools to deal with stress,  and cravings. Quit in the first session and use the second for reinforcement.  Both sessions are recorded for your use.

Are you ready to quit smoking?

In four sessions, we will cover emotional eating, exercise, portion size and having a healthy eating life style.

Want help with weight loss?

Emotions Affects Memory

Stop Smoking

Weight Loss

We offer hypnosis services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC


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No, we don’t use pendulums or fast or rapid inductions.  At Hypnosis Maryland we use traditional, classic hypnosis techniques to guide our clients into a restful state so they can leave behind the rush and bustle of the DC area.  While you sit in our “relaxation chair” you will be open to create the changes you want to make.

Are you ready to make the change? I ask my clients, from 1-10, where is your commitment, 1 is someone else wants you to change, to 10 it is important and I am ready to do whatever I can.  Are you at a 7 to a 10, then you are ready!

Let go of low self esteem and fears

Improve sports performance and skills

Services Offered

Weight Loss Program

Stop Smoking

Confidence and Self Esteem

Sports Performance

Issues from Childhood

Birthing With Hypnosis

Business Success

Fears (Heights, Presentation, Flying, Driving)

Procrastination and Blocks


Past Life Regressions

And More

Hypnosis Specials

Want to become the lion in your life and feel confident in your endeavors? Are you ready to let go of the fears that have been holding you back?


Want to improve your putting and get rid of the yips? Want to do the perfect back hand spring?  Want to have quick reflexes on the court or out in the field?

Sports Enhancement

Helpful Hints on You Tube

Break the weight loss plateau

Clean Air Breaks

EFT for Tobacco Cravings

Procrastination and Success Self Talk